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Joe and Rose Urbaszewski (Urbz) are the dynamic duo of Joe Urbz Media and Photography. They can often be found exploring the States, or working productions between California, and Phoenix, Arizona, their home. Teachers and trainers by nature, and profession, their pride at the end of the day is the growing number of people they have helped to achieve their goals, both personal, and career.

Joe is a gifted multimedia artist, in both photography, and videography. His photography has won awards, and honorable mentions in many different forums, and his photos are on walls, and in publications around the world. He has an incredible eye for the smallest elements that most people miss, and you can feel the emotion, and realism in each of his pieces. He is also a seasoned educator, and video editor in the production field.

Rose is a creative force by nature. A published marketing copy writer, ghost, and screenwriter, she uses her life experiences and world observations to create her works. Her newest screenplay, Perfectly Imperfect, a romantic comedy, adds to her growing portfolio.

Please join them on their travels around America, and beyond, as they highlight the people, places. and experiences on their journey in life.

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